Unique Aroma & Flavor! Enhance meals with Kullakar Rice (500gm)

A South Indian favorite for Biryani & more. (Malaysia)

Discover the exquisite taste of NFS Kullakar Rice. This 500gm pack, perfect for traditional dishes like biryani and pulao, is available from the best wholesale supplier in Malaysia.

NFS Kullakar Rice is a premium variety of traditional rice native to Tamil Nadu, India. Known for its superior taste, delicate texture, and aromatic flavor, Kullakar rice is a favorite among rice enthusiasts and culinary experts. This rice absorbs flavors well, making it ideal for various South Indian dishes.

The name “Kullakar” is synonymous with quality and tradition in Tamil Nadu, where it is a staple in many homes. The grains are small, slender, and carry a unique aroma that enhances the flavor profile of any dish. When cooked, Kullakar rice offers a rich, nutty, and slightly floral fragrance that fills the kitchen and elevates the dining experience.

Health Benefits
Low in Fat and Sodium
Aids in Weight Loss
Promotes Digestive Health
Kullakar Biryani
Kullakar Pulao
Kullakar Lemon Rice
Kullakar Puliyogare (Tamarind Rice)
Kullakar Akki Rotti
Why Choose ?
Commitment to health and nature preservation.
Direct sourcing from farmers using 100% natural methods.
Rigorous quality checks ensure top-notch products.
Nationwide delivery across India.
Storage Advice
Store in a cool, dark, and dry place. Transfer contents to an airtight container after opening.

Ingredients List
Kullakar Rice
Suggested Uses
Ideal for making biryani, pulao, and various traditional South Indian dishes.

Net Weight

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How should I store Kullakar Rice?
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