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NFS Makka Cholam Rava (500gm)

Gluten-free corn for tasty dishes.

Discover the best Maize Rava from top suppliers in Malaysia. This gluten-free, nutrient-rich millet rava adds a unique flavor and texture to dishes like upma, dosa, and idli. Perfect for healthy cooking and trusted by distributors and importers in Klang.


NFS Makka Cholam Rava (Maize) 500gm

Category:      Millet Rava Items
Ingredients: Pearl Millet
Weight:           500 gms
Cooking Instructions: Use Makka Cholam Rava to make delicious and nutritious upma, dosa, and koozhu.

Makka Cholam Rava, or maize rava, is a versatile grain derived from dried maize kernels. Known for its distinct nutty and slightly sweet flavor, this rava is a staple in many South Indian and Gujarati dishes. Its coarse texture provides a delightful bite to meals, making it a preferred choice for various culinary creations.

Benefits and Uses
Health Benefits:

Improves Eye Health: Rich in essential nutrients that support vision.
Increases Bone Density: High in calcium and minerals for strong bones.
Prevents Hair Fall: Nutrient-rich to promote healthy hair.
Increases Heart Health: Supports cardiovascular wellness.
Helps in Weight Management: High in dietary fiber for better digestion and weight control.
Recipes and Uses:

Maize Rava Upma: A savory and nutritious breakfast option.
Maize Rava Idly: Soft and fluffy idlis perfect for any meal.
Maize Rava Dosa: Crispy and delicious dosas.
Maize Rava Pongal: A comforting and wholesome dish.
Regional Specialties:

Tamil Nadu: Used in “Kambu Upma” for a healthy breakfast.
Kerala: Known as “Chola Rava” in dishes like “Chola Puttu.”
Karnataka: Popular in “Makki Rava Upma.”
Maharashtra: Used in sweet dishes like “sheera” or “kesaribath.”
West Bengal: Known as “bhutta suji” for making “Bhutta Chakli.”

Suggested Uses:

Ideal for making upma, dosa, koozhu, and other traditional dishes.
Why Choose Us:

Trusted Supplier: We are one of the best distributors and importers in Malaysia.
Quality Assurance: Sourced directly from farmers using 100% natural methods.
Health and Nature: Our products improve health while preserving nature.
Allergen Info:
This product is packed in a facility that handles wheat, milk products, mustard, sesame, soy, tree nuts, and peanuts.

Storage Advice:
Keep in a cool, dark, and dry place. After opening, transfer the contents to an airtight container.

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