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NFS Multi Millet Adai Dosa Mix 500gm


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Eliminates problems like constipation, bloating, and excess gas. Helps in liver, kidney, and immune system health. Helps protect from heart disease. Our products are Natural; No side effects have been found, but please consult your doctor if you’re allergic to certain products.

Ingredients: Kodo millet, Little millet, Sorghum, Foxtail millet, Barnyard millet, wheat, Pearl millet & Finger millet

Weight: 500 gms

Cooking Instruction: It can be used instantly. Allow it to ferment for 30 mins for dosa. Make sure to Tava or griddle pan in low flame to get a great dosa. By fermenting the dish becomes soft and gets digested easily.

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Weight 500 g


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