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Diamond Kalkandu 250 Gm

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Diamond Kalkandu 250gm: Crystallized sugar for South Indian sweets and traditional medicine. Clear, diamond-like crystals.

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About Diamond Kalkandu
Diamond Kalkandu, also known as Rock Candy or Kallu Sakkarai, is a traditional crystallized sugar used extensively in South Indian cuisine and Ayurveda. The name “Diamond” reflects its sparkling, crystalline appearance.

Key Features
Crystalline Structure: Large, translucent crystals formed through a meticulous crystallization process.
Color and Clarity: Typically clear or white, resembling sparkling diamonds.
Sweetness: Adds a unique sweetness and texture to various dishes and desserts.
Nutritional Information (Per 100 gm)
Calories: 400 kcal
Carbohydrates: 100 gm
Sugars: 100 gm
Medicinal Properties: Used in Ayurveda for its believed health benefits.
Cultural Importance: Integral to South Indian religious rituals and culinary traditions.
100% pure crystallized sugar
Suggested Uses
Traditional Sweets: Enhances flavor and texture in dishes like kesari and payasam.
Beverages: Sweetens tea, coffee, or milk with a distinctive flavor.
Medicinal: Adds to herbal mixtures for traditional remedies.
Rituals: Common in offerings and ceremonies.
Net Weight
250 grams
Serving Suggestions
Discover your culinary creations with Diamond Kalkandu:

Sweets: Perfect for kesari, payasam, and other desserts.
Drinks: Sweeten tea, coffee, or milk.
Medicinal: Add to herbal mixtures for traditional remedies.
Rituals: Use in religious ceremonies and offerings.
Popularity and Significance
Diamond Kalkandu is highly valued in South Indian cuisine for its unique texture and sweetness. It holds cultural and medicinal significance, particularly in traditional Indian medicine and religious practices.


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