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Korai Mat Double

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Korai Mat Double

This set features two beautiful Korai/Kusha grass mats, perfect for creating a spacious and comfortable seating area for your wedding ceremony or other cultural events. Enhance your celebration with a touch of nature and cultural significance!

Embrace tradition and elevate your wedding or cultural event with Spice Asia’s Korai Mat Double! This beautiful set features two handcrafted Korai/Kusha grass mats, providing ample space and comfort for your guests while adding a touch of nature and cultural significance to your celebration.

More Than Just Seating:

Spice Asia’s Korai Mat Double offers a multitude of benefits for your event:

• Double the Elegance: This set provides double the natural beauty of a single mat, creating a more visually impactful and elegant space.
• Ample Seating: The two mats offer a larger seating area, ideal for accommodating more guests during your wedding ceremony or other cultural events.
• Cultural Significance: Korai mats hold a special place in South Indian traditions, symbolizing purity and auspiciousness. By incorporating these mats, you’re connecting with your heritage and adding a meaningful touch to the occasion.
• Comfort and Practicality: The natural river grass material provides a comfortable and slightly cushioned surface for sitting or kneeling during the event.
• Eco-Friendly Choice: Natural river grass is a sustainable and biodegradable material, making it a perfect choice for environmentally conscious celebrations.
Spice Up Your Event Experience:

Spice Asia’s Korai Mat Double is perfect for creating a memorable and culturally rich atmosphere:

• Spacious Wedding Seating: Provide ample and comfortable seating for guests during wedding ceremonies or rituals that involve sitting on the floor.
• Cultural Events: This set is ideal for creating designated seating areas for participants or guests in various cultural events and gatherings.
• Meditation or Prayer Areas: The natural and calming aesthetic of the mats makes them perfect for creating designated meditation or prayer areas.
• Double the Decorative Potential: Use the mats side-by-side or creatively arrange them to create a visually captivating and culturally significant decorative element within your event space.

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