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Panakalkandu Powder 1kg

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Bulk Panakalkandu Powder (1kg)!

Stock up on Thanjai Organics palm sugar for baking, drinks & more. (Malaysia)

Panakalkandu Powder 1kg, a natural sweetener from palm tree sap, is a healthy alternative to refined sugar. Ideal for sweetening beverages and enhancing the flavor of dishes. Available from top wholesale suppliers in Malaysia.

Ingredients: 100% Natural Palm Tree Sap
Net Weight: 1000g

About Panakalkandu Powder
Panakalkandu Powder is derived from the sap of palm trees, offering a natural and pure sweetening option. It is minimally processed to preserve its natural nutrients and flavors, making it a healthier choice compared to refined sugar. With a low glycemic index, it helps manage blood sugar levels and provides a stable source of energy.

Health Benefits of Panakalkandu Powder
Natural Sweetener: Retains natural nutrients and flavors, minimally processed.
Low Glycemic Index: Causes a slower increase in blood sugar, beneficial for diabetes management.
Nutrient-Rich: Packed with potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, and B vitamins.
Antioxidant Properties: Reduces oxidative stress and supports overall health.
Distinct Flavor Profile: Adds a rich, caramel-like taste to both sweet and savory dishes.
Suggested Uses
Beverages: Ideal for sweetening tea, coffee, and traditional health drinks.
Desserts: Perfect for use in traditional sweets and desserts.
Cooking: Enhances the flavor of various recipes.
Health Drinks: Commonly used in health drinks and traditional remedies.
Storage Instructions
Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture. Use an airtight container to maintain freshness, and avoid using a wet spoon to handle the product.

Regional Popularity and Uses
India: Widely used in traditional medicines and health drinks.
Malaysia: Popular as a natural sweetener in beverages and desserts.
Southeast Asia: Frequently used in a variety of culinary recipes.

Why Choose Our Panakalkandu Powder?
Pure and Natural: Made from 100% natural palm tree sap with no additives or preservatives.
Health Benefits: Offers numerous health benefits, making it a wholesome choice.
Quality Assurance: Sourced from the best wholesale suppliers and distributors in Malaysia.

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